Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ethical Issues on Technology

Do Students Respect Intellectual Property?
This article about “Do Students Respect Intellectual Property?” was very interesting because not only did it discuss about students respecting intellectual property, but also adults and teachers. A teacher by the name of Ms. Janesko attended a conference session on copyright laws. It soon came to her attention that she had been modeling negative behavior by her actions and words when it came to her using articles, books, internet information and works of that nature to help assist her in her classroom teachings. Ms. Janesko had also been allowing her students to do the same thing as well. After attending this conference session, Ms. Janesko felt embarrassed and ashamed of her actions and wanted to make a change for the positive. She took what she learned from the conference session back to her school, to help not just improve herself and her classroom but the whole entire school.
Copyright laws change up every year and can be hard to keep up with. Some teachers and professors teach students in a manner about topics the same way they may have learned. The only problem with professors and teachers teaching like that is, that rules and regulations change over time, so they may be teaching information in a manner that is no longer acceptable in society. That is why it is important for teachers and professors to try and stay up-to-date when it comes to teaching the modern rules and regulations on copyright laws. Attending seminars and meetings about those topics is a great way to stay on top of the information that is being taught and passed down to our students. Students have to then realize the seriousness of these copyright laws if they are to abide by them. Teachers and professors must try their best to exemplify the same respect and behavior when it comes to dealing with copyright laws and how they may approach their class. Teachers and professors should also reinforce these laws in their classroom as well by first teaching the correct way to use other people’s work within their own and if it is not done correctly and it is obvious; then a bad grade or referral to higher administration should take place. When other students take notice on how serious the issue is being taken, then they all will began to follow suit and try to do right. This is a process that will not just happen overnight, but with continued practice and support from other teachers and higher administration; then and only then will this problem of copyright laws be corrected.

Thought Provoking Question on Ethical Issues in Technology
What type of punishments can be handed out for copyright laws being ignored? AND....How seriously would those punishments be taken?

This video was interesting to me because of the speaker. He gives great information on what copyrighting is, copyrighting laws, and copy infrigment. He explains what very well the do's and dont's of each one of areas of copyrighting. He also does it in different voices which could be good or bad considering on the viewer listening. I enjoyed it because it kept my attention and kept me interested in watching the video. I also liked the way he told you the facts about the topic of copyright laws and materials before he gave his own point of view. The video was not lengthy and is well worth a peek.

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